Considéré comme un vin simple et facile, le Muscadet, compagnon idéal des huitres et coquillages continue à faire entendre sa musique de fraicheur en restant fin et élégant tout en réservant aux palais les plus audacieux la surprise de cuvées épanouies dont la longévité surprend les amateurs avertis..




H. Reverdy à Verdigny en Sancerre

Once exclusively planted with Pinot Noir this region converted itself to Sauvignon after the phylloxera period. More than 1500 ha are now dedicated to this variety while Pinot is found on 500 ha only.

The vineyard is planted on hillsides crammed between the plateau of Berry and the Loire at an altitude of 200 to 400 metres. It is characterized by very steep slopes of up to 60%. It is a zone of faults with a majority of jurassic chalky soils, gravel, marl, mixed with clay. A tiny area in the East is on flinty clay.

These wines are refined, lively and fruity. They show both vegetal aromas, such as boxwood, broom, and blackcurrant leaf and floral, often sweet aromas of acacia, jasmine and citrus fruit. After a slightly aggressive first impression on the palate, their flavours mellow into a round and rich fullness.

Yield is 60 hectolitres/hectare.

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