Our Muscadet offerting are hand-selected for their exceptional quality. Muscadet wines make delicious aperitifs and pair well with oysters, shrimp or scampi.



Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie


Ardour and Vigour - Barré Frères à Gorges

When approaching the cold season the lees start to fall, wines mature, their outline emerges and asserts itself.
It is time to start working for the specialist of a very special, envied science verging with the esoteric.
Scouring accross Gorges, le Pallet, La Haye-Fouassière, Monnières, Saint Fiacre, Maisdon sur Sèvre and other reputable villages he tastes and tastes without stopping. Like a matchmaker he invents new and happy unions. Based on marks known only to him, taking here and there, he matches, complements, harmonizes, refines. Before our eyes the parts of the jigsaw are fitted together . We witness the birth of Les Printanières, les Mesnils and la Réserve Beau Soleil.
All three are heir to the same area and share common characteristics :
- to the nose their fine and characteristic aromas evoke vine flower, apple, haymaking, citrus fruits.
- to the mouth their structure of fresh wine, both tender and acidulous delicately resentful of salt and their native climate.

However the 'birth-giver' has wanted a different character for each of his children
- Les Printanières sur lie : ardour and vigour
- Les Mesnils : wisdom and serenity
- La Réserve Beau-Soleil : lighness and joy
The first two wines go well with seafood gastronomy, the third one is less ambitious but just as important. It is indeed both the wine you drink in the morning with friends, the vin de plaisir, and the vin loisir.

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine


Lighness and Joy - Barré Frères à Gorges